Google AMP - friend or foe?


Google accelerated mobile pages or Google AMP has been causing a stir within the marketing industry. It was launched in 2015 as a way to speed up mobile websites.

Some have embraced accelerated mobile pages and others believe it is actually harmful to online marketing and business. We’ll compare the pros and cons of Google AMP here.

The pros of having Google AMP platforms

Google AMP causes website visitors to spend more time in front of content than mobile web pages that do not use Google AMP. It would seem that consumers don’t mind looking through a few more ads to achieve faster internet speeds. In a fast paced society, this is not likely to change. Consumers want instant gratification and they are willing to give you an opportunity to reach them in order to get it. 

The cons of having Google AMP platforms

Google AMP may not work with your current HTML website or the current version of JavaScript your website may be using (The Register). You must download Google’s version of JavaScript. The analytics in Google AMP are subpar to anything you are probably already working with. Google AMP only allows you to view a small subset of its gathered data. This new platform also separates content from the creators of such content. Google AMP displays top stories but does not share where that information is from. It can lead to companies using Google for their credibility without actually being a credible business or source of information. 

Should company websites convert to Google AMP?

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide what works best for you and your company. If you can easily make the switch to comply with Google AMP’s requirements, the increased mobile speeds might attract more of your target audience to your website. However, if you’re used to a more flexible site that allows you to update the design as you see fit, Google AMP might actually be a hindrance to you. 

Google AMP was created in an effort to increase the download speed of mobile websites. While consumers are enjoying the new development, it may not be suitable for your specific needs. The content management experts at ALHAUS are more than capable of helping you determine the best marketing path for your company no matter what search engine platforms may come up with next. Contact an expert at ALHAUS today.