Four ways to optimise mobile copywriting


In this digital day and age the smartphones and mobile devices have overtaken the desktop.

While it would be nice to use the same marketing strategies on a mobile devices as we would a desktop, the reality is it’llcost you money and potential consumers if you don’t make mobile access to your site easy for the consumer (The Daily Egg). A smaller screen means a new way to connect with customers.

Optimise your website with these recommended methods:

1. Maintain focus

On a desktop, consumers tend to focus on the top left of the screen. However, mobile devices have caused people to shift their focus towards the middle of the screen. If you want to get your message across, place your attention grabbing campaigns in the middle.

2. Be direct

The average attention span for mobile users had greatly depreciated. They don’t want to wade through long paragraphs to read about your product. Be direct and tell them upfront what it is that makes your product desirable or your service better than anyone else’s. You’re content must be immediately enticing and thoughtful or you’ll lose your crowd.

3. Keep it consistent

Even though desktop marketing and mobile marketing are two different beasts, consumers will want to see a consistency between the two. Make sure you include links and error messages users would see if they were using a desktop.

4. Maintain an easy read

While it is possible your mobile user is sitting at home on their couch or enjoying a latte at their favourite coffee shop, it is also possible that they are walking down the street or waiting in the reception room to see the dentist. They need to be able to quickly scroll through your content. Make it easy for them by using a large enough font, bullet points, and by keeping sentences and/or paragraphs short.

Increasingly, consumers are cutting the cords of their desktop computers in favour of mobile devices. Consider the needs of your customers and optimise your content for mobile devices. Don’t wait, talk to our representatives at ALHAUS today.