Four steps to improve low performing content


When auditing your content from 2017, you may be wondering what to do with your low performing content. In a recent Google Webmaster Hangout, Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller recommended improving low performing content rather than deleting it (YouTube).

Improving content is a great way to recoup the time and expense of content efforts that did not pay off.

You will also learn how to avoid the same mistakes in the creation of future content. Here are four surefire steps to improve low performing content. 

Perform a content audit to identify low performance

When auditing your content you will look at five key metrics:

●    The number of unique visitors;

●    Whether the visitors are new or returning;

●    The referral source;

●    Keywords and SERP;

●    The bounce rate;

●    And the conversion and subscriber rates

MOZ has a great technical guide for weeding out your low performing content (MOZ).

Evaluate your low performing content for common pitfalls

There are many common content factors that contribute to low performance including:

●    Weak, inaccurate, or vague headlines;

●    Low-quality or irrelevant graphics;

●    Lack of subject novelty; 

●    Unreliable or uninteresting data and conclusions;

●    Copy errors like misspellings and poor grammar;

●    Poor tone or too much jargon;

●    Bad layout

Low performing content may also be the product of poor SEO; a lack of promotion on the right channels; and communication barriers from lack of accessibility. 

Rework the content in a new way

Once you’ve identified the source of your low performance you make a checklist of the problems. Then rework the content to overcome the issues on your checklist. If you need ideas, here are seven ways to repurpose your old content. If you realise there is no salvaging your post, instead of deleting it, consider redirecting what traffic it does bring to a related post that is higher quality.

Hire a professional

If you are struggling to identify your low performing content or the majority of your 2017 content had poor returns, you should hire a content management expert. A professional can audit your content; immediately recognise the source of poor performance; and help you create high-quality content. At ALHAUS, our content management experts can help make your content work better for you. We use sophisticated analytics tools and content creation expertise to improve the performance of all of your branded content. Contact us to ensure your 2018 content have a high return on investment!