Four social media content mistakes and how to avoid them


Social media offers a great platform to reach a large audience, so any relevant marketing strategy includes a social media component.

However, simply posting general content regularly on social media accounts won’t cut it in the modern, digital marketplace. Here are some other pitfalls to avoid: 

Mistake #1: Not engaging with your followers

The number one mistake companies make is using their social media accounts as a platform to make one-sided announcements (Business). This does not engage your audience, in fact, it ignores them. Social media platforms are a place to engage directly with your customers one-on-one so it is crucial your social media marketing that you include them.

Solution: Start a conversation

Starting a conversation is easy. There are many ways to engage your social community. You can do everything from asking your audience a question; to responding to their comments; to holding a competition to feature their stories. 

Mistake #2: Pushing too hard to make a sale

Your audience will be immediately turned off if everything you post is a sale. Advertising your products and services, without personalisation is off-putting. People are inundated with ads nowadays and don’t want to feel like they’re getting the hard sell all of the time.

Solution: Include a call to action

When creating your social content be informative, entertaining, and relatable. Instead of directly advertising your products, craft a story that people will enjoy. Then to make a conversion, include a call to action at the end.

Mistake #3: Posting irregularly

If you post too often, too little, or just all over the map, you will lose followers. People who have followed you want to hear from your regularly but not so often that you dominate their feed. 

Solution: Create a schedule

Instead, create an optimal schedule. Depending on your business we recommend starting by posting:

●    Facebook: Once daily

●    Instagram: 2-3 times a day

●    LinkedIn: Once daily

●    Pinterest: 5 times a day

●    Snapchat: 3 times a day

●    Twitter: 5 times a day

Then measure the effectiveness of your posting schedule and make adjustments where you see success.

Mistake #4: Not having a clear social media strategy

Many companies consider social media marketing an afterthought. They know they have to include it in their larger marketing plans, but don’t take the time to create a real marketing strategy. Other companies understand the power of social media, but don’t understand how to harness it for their brand.

Solution: Hire a content management company

Hiring content management company like ALHAUS can help. We can help you put together a custom social media marketing strategy that can help expand your brand and engage your audience. No matter what your objectives or industry, our knowledgeable content managers can help you take full advantage of all social media platforms.