Four reasons print publishing is still an effective marketing strategy


In the digital age, most marketers have moved away from traditional print publications to focus their efforts online. However, print publications are still an effective marketing strategy.

Whether you chose to run advertisements in circulars or publish a manual, product brochure, or informational guide, you can see a high ROI for your efforts.

Here are four reasons why print publishing is still relevant:

Print offers credibility for your brand

Print publications offer more brand credibility for two reasons. The first is that anyone can publish information online regardless of authority. Print publications take a higher financial investment and therefore the information is considered more valuable by the audience. Secondly, print publications are tangible proof of advertising claims. Whereas online, companies can upload and delete content at will. There’s not as much culpability for false advertisements. 

Print is more engaging than online content

Most readers only skim online content, while they engage fully in the content of print publications. Furthermore, studies have shown that readers are more likely to retain the information in print publications over online publications (HuffPost). Print publications have also fallen out of fashion, offering a novelty that can grab your reader’s attention.

Print easily interfaces with your online content

Print publications can offer a channel to direct your potential customers to your website. Offering QR codes; hashtags; and website links in your print publications can drive traffic to your site. Print publications can also be easily converted to downloadable PDFs. This dual functionality gives you the ability to reach a wider audience. 

Print publications are cost-effective

With the low-cost availability of online publishing, print publishers have had to reduce the costs of print advertising to compete. If you decide to publish advertising in a circular, you will also not have to take on the costs of audience development. Print publications have a built-in and qualified audience, while online you have to develop your audience yourself.

There are several advantages to using print publications as part of your marketing strategy. If you are new to print publications or just looking for some fresh ideas on how to get your brand message out there, ALHAUS can help. We offer a variety of services that can help you develop and distribute branded print publications, from copywriting to design to ISBN allocation. Contact us today to learn more.