Four content tips for marketing private air travel

Image Credit:  Roderick Eime

Image Credit: Roderick Eime


Private air travel requires a much different approach to content management than other consumer goods. The audience is harder to reach because it is very niche. Also, since private air travel is a luxury service, there is a higher demand for quality, privacy, and service. Content must cultivate desire, reflect the lifestyle of a jet setter, and showcase value. Here are four content tips for marketing private air travel:

1. Website design is key

Websites for luxury items such as private air travel should be visually stunning, easy to use, and highly functional. A website must be designed completely from a user perspective to communicate the high level of customer service. It is very important for private air travel companies to invest in high-quality website design from the start.

2. Establish a consistent visual identity

Visual brand identities create a sensory experience. It establishes an associated lifestyle, builds brand credibility, and communicates quality. Consistent visual identity across all marketing helps make a brand more recognisable (Tenfold). When developing visual content like videos, infographics, and images, make sure they fit your brand’s larger visual narrative.  

3. Create a sense of exclusivity

Private air travel maintains consumer desirability by being exclusive. Visibility is vital to spreading brand awareness, but if you are too visible then your brand no longer maintains exclusivity. You can balance exclusivity and visibility by creating content that utilises exclusivity wording and differentiates your brand from more common competitors.

4. Develop content that appeals to people’s desire to display their status

Though privacy is a key part of the private air travel business, your clients do want to display status. It’s very important they can communicate to their peers that they are utilising your service as an extension of their personal success. When developing content, create pieces that when shared will showcase your client’s knowledge, financial success, and makes them look worldly or cool.

Creating a content marketing strategy for any luxury brand requires a specific expertise. You have to understand the needs of your target market, while also showcasing the quality of your brand. The content management experts at ALHAUS can help. We’ve worked with world-class luxury brands to help them reach the right audience. Contact us to learn more about our services.