Four content marketing trends coming in 2017


Readers are always looking for the newest and most novel ways to engage with content.

An effective content strategy predicts and anticipates reader trends and incorporates them into their content management strategy.

However, with so many new developments every year, it can be hard to gauge which trends may grow and which will just be gone in a flash. At ALHAUS, we can help you to decide which trends fit into your brand.

Here are four upcoming content trends for 2017 that we expect to see have a lasting appeal (Skyword):

1.    Live video streaming: Video content has been growing in popularity as smartphones and digital technology have made streaming easier for viewers. This has grown so popular in just a few short months, that all the major social media platforms have incorporated live streaming features into their services. 

2.    Influencer marketing: Consumers are growing weary of being inundated by clickbait and spam articles. So they have begun shifting their focus on getting their information from influencers like thought leaders, subject matter experts, and trendsetters. These influencers help customers filter through the noise to find products and services that meet their needs. Influencers are seen as trustworthy. They can help build brand awareness and more important, credibility.

3.    Native advertising: Consumers do not want advertising to interrupt their content engagement. A solution that has been gaining a lot of popularity is native advertising. This is incorporated naturally into the content without diverting the user’s attention away from the valuable information. It seamlessly merges content and advertising, adding cohesion to your brand messaging. 

4.    Newsletters: Newsletters paired with your email marketing campaign can bring a serious boost to your business. They provide valuable information to consumers and are presented in attractive, visually appealing ways so they can easily grab the reader’s attention. Consumers on your email list are already invested in your products and services so newsletters are a great way to prompt action through targeted engagement.

These trends can be incorporated easily into your content management strategy with the help of ALHAUS. We offer a variety of innovative approaches to content strategy compatible with your unique brand message. We can also find innovative ways to incorporate these great trends so you can adapt to the ever-changing demands of the market.