Five ways to recycle your content for Christmas

Image: Marco Verch

With Christmas fast approaching, you may be concerned that you don’t have enough content to take advantage of the increase in online traffic.

An easy way to remedy this is to recycle your old content and add a holiday spin. Start by reviewing your past content and look for pieces that have performed the best this year.

Once you have them, you can simply retool them and focus the topic on the holidays. Here are five ideas to use your old content for this holiday season:

1. Connect your content to iconic holiday themes

Think about some of the classic Christmas icons like Santa Claus, elves, and Christmas trees. You can also include some more modern themes like the Grinch, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, or Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree. Choose a theme that works well with your brand and incorporate it into a piece of existing content.

2. Gift ideas and buying guides

Do you have a curated list of products or services? Rework that list with some Christmas wording. Christmas shoppers love buying guides because it helps to take out the guesswork of what gifts to buy.  

3. 12 days of Christmas

Counting down the 12 days of Christmas is a classic way to add a festive angle to your content. First, you need to pick a theme. Then find 12 pieces of content that contribute to that theme. Simply revise them with a little holiday language and then automate publishing one article per day until Christmas. Here is a list of easy automation tools you can use (

4. Make the holidays easier

We all know the holidays can be stressful. Do you have a piece of content that showcases a product or service that makes your customers’ lives easier? Rework the content by discussing how that product or service can save them holiday stress.

5. Make a Christmas infographic

If you have a great infographic already or a piece of content that describes a process, make a Christmas themed infographic. Use bright holiday colors, icons, and images and add a little holiday copy. 

These are just some of the ways to repurpose your old content for the holidays. Check out our recent blog that details seven ways to repurpose your content for more ideas. Remember, if you don’t have time to create holiday content, even with recycling, ALHAUS is here to help. We can quickly put together a holiday content management strategy to help you take advantage of the extra holiday traffic. Contact us today to learn more!