Five ways to optimise your content to boost engagement


Content optimisation is how to ensure that readers can actually engage with your content.

Content optimisation makes your content easy to find; easy to consume; and shareable.

Optimising your content is a multi-step process that requires both technical and creative skills. Here are five ways to optimise your to boost customer engagement.

Use the right tools

One of the most important parts of optimising your content is to have the right online marketing tools. You’ll need tools for researching SEO; monitoring and tracking your traffic and conversion rates; and automation tools to help you effectively manage your time. Here is a list of the must have tools to help you optimise your content and stay relevant in the online marketplace (Tenfold). 

Rate your headline

Headlines need to be relevant; accurate; and attention-grabbing. Without a great headline, people will not be induced to read your content. If you are unsure of the quality of your headline, you can use an online headline analyser. Some free headline analysers are:

●    CoSchedule Headline Analyser

●    AIM Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyser

●    Sharethrough Headline Analyser

These tools are generated from data analytics, so they are limited in their use and should only be a guide. Your best bet to guarantee engaging headlines is to hire a professional content manager to review your headlines. 

Take advantage of SEO trends

Google’s algorithms are always changing, so you need to make sure that your stay on top of the latest SEO changes. Beyond that, you’ll also have to stay on top of the latest market trends for your industry. Not only should your current content work utilise these trends, but you should also continually update your past content to stay relevant. 

Make your content shareable

Probably the best way to direct traffic to your site is through backlinks; referrals; and social media shares. Make sure your content is easily shareable by creating shortened urls; utilising share buttons; and creating social metadata. You’ll also want to make sure that your images are correctly sized when shared.

Improve your website accessibility

Optimisation is ultimately about making it easier to access and engage your content. Website accessibility ensures that everyone has the same ability to access your content. We have multiple guides on our blog that can help you improve your website accessibility

If you want to guarantee that your content is fully optimised for reader engagement, talk to ALHAUS. Our content management experts can offer you the tips; tools; and techniques that you need to reach your full potential. Contact us today to learn more!