Five ways to effectively promote your eBook

Image: Hernán Piñera

Image: Hernán Piñera

Content managers often put all their resources into their eBook and then move on once it is published.

However, eBooks are a lot of hard work. It’s important that you get a return on the time and thought investment. When you are ready to release an eBook, develop a promotion strategy that includes these five things and you’ll get a great ROI:

1. Build anticipation before the release

Building anticipation before the release can help get people talking about the book before you even publish. Try promoting your new eBook ahead of time with email blasts, social media shares, and advertising 

2. Create a landing page

A landing page separate from your website can help provide dedicated information about the book. A landing page can also help reach a broader audience and direct more traffic to your website. Creating a landing page is easy. Hubspot has put together the easiest step-by-step guide to help (Hubspot). 

3. Submit for review

Identify some industry thought-leaders and relevant publications. Then submit a copyrighted copy and request a review. Reviews of your eBook will help you tap into pre-built audiences for your book. 

4. Create targeted advertisements

There are so many advertising avenues that have a great ROI. You can advertise on social media, Google, and online booksellers like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. You can also advertise with trade publications. It all depends on your audience.

5. Encourage social sharing

Social shares are great for getting the word out about your book. Once you’ve published your book, offer an incentive for social shares. Discounts, contests, and exclusive content can get people really motivated to spread the word about your book.

Following these promotion tips will get people excited about your eBook. At ALHAUS, we are eBook experts. We offer a huge range of services that can help guide you from ideation to creation to market. If you’re looking to write, publish, or promote an eBook, shoot us an email at We can help you at every step of the way!