Five ways blogging supports B2B sales

The more information you can provide during the sales channel about your products and services, the higher your chance of landing the sale.

Blogs provide an extremely effective marketing channel for B2B sales. B2B sales require a much different tactic than B2C sales because they have a longer sales cycle, smaller client pool, and multiple decision makers (TenFold).

Here are five ways blogging can support B2B sales:

1. Blogging offers a constant communication channel

B2B sales rely heavily on relationship building. Blogs offer a constant point of communication with your potential clients so they are always kept in the loop. Posting regular blogs can help keep the conversation going through your sales cycle with your potential clients.

2. Blogs support brand authority

With B2B sales, there are a lot of decision-makers involved. Their decisions are usually predicated on the quality and authority your brand offers. Blogging about topics relevant to your products, services, and your industry helps showcase your expertise which creates trust between you and decision makers.

3. Regular posting improves website SEO

Your Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) is very important in B2B sales. The higher your SERP, the more likely you will be considered authoritative. Also, SERP increase your website traffic. A high SERP is determined by your SEO strategy and blogging gives you an opportunity to implement a concise and targeted SEO strategy. 

4. Blogs generate sales leads

According to Website Builder, blogging can increase your lead growth by an average of 126% (Website Builder). Lead generation is critical when you have a smaller client pool or operate in a niche industry. The more leads you can generate through blogging, the more potential you have for making a sale.

5. Blogs provide important customer information

Big data is essential for making B2B sales. Blogging lets you collect important analytic information about your clientele by tracking traffic and engagement. With this information, you can better target your customers with your marketing and sales efforts. 

Blogging is really effective at supporting the B2B sales cycle, but only if you are providing high quality, informative content. The content management experts at ALHAUS can help. We’ll make sure that your blogging efforts support your B2B sales cycle, target your ideal customers, and grow your brand authority. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!