Five SEO techniques to focus on in 2017


With the new year, it’s a great time to consider updating your SEO strategy.

Search engines like Google; Yahoo; and Bing are constantly updating their algorithms to provide better query results, so it is a great idea to make sure that your content strategy incorporates these updates.

Here are some SEO techniques to focus on in 2017 to make sure that you rank high on search engine queries; attract more visitors to your website; and expand your brand recognition:

1. Focus on quality content

Both users and search engines are focusing more and more on valuable content. Content that is informative and relevant will rank higher than content that is just plugged with keywords. So this year really make sure that you provide well-researched; interesting; and error-free content to your readers.

2. Improve user experience

Websites that are easy to navigate and provide lots of interesting content enhance the user experience. So make sure that you set up your website so readers can find and engage in your content easily. Also consider diversifying your content to include photos; videos; and even audio; offer a variety of unique brand experiences for visitors.

3. Tailor your content to user intent

According to Entrepreneur magazine, users have three key intents when searching the Internet (Entrepreneur). The first is informational, where users are trying to find information they need to learn something valuable. The second is transactional, where users are trying to do something online like purchase a product. The third is navigational, where users are trying to find a specific website. Make sure that you provide content that meets all three user intentions.

4. Incorporate long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are a series of phrases that are used over and over again to describe your products and services. These long tail keywords are unique to your brand and can target potential customers that are searching for something very specific. Here is a useful guide from Wordtracker to help you understand and use long form keyword (Wordtracker).

5. Interact with your customers

Whether you interact on your comments thread or through social media, responding to customers is a form of content. This will not only help you develop a personal connection with your customers, but will help you rank higher on search engines. 

Implementing an upgraded SEO strategy in 2017 based on the current trends can help you expand your brand presence and increase your business. If you are looking for more expert advice on SEO best practises for the coming year, consider working with ALHAUS. Our knowledgeable staff can help you implement the latest content and SEO trends, develop a great marketing strategy for the new year, and make sure that your business grows online. So check out our services to see how we can make 2017 the best year ever for your business.