Five off-page SEO techniques to improve your online reputation


We all know why SEO is important for our websites but do you know the advantages to including off-page SEO to your content strategy?

Off-page SEO occurs outside your website, most notably in social media postings, but there are other possibilities.

Here are five off-page SEO techniques that will help build brand identity; position your organisation as a thought leader; and improve search engine rankings:

1. Link building is a great off-site strategy. Link building is when another website hyperlinks to your content. This not only helps direct traffic to your page but lays out a clear roadmap for search engines to follow and helps them determine what pages to rank highest in their query results. Link building requires relationship building and creating shareable content.
2. Submitting articles to publications in your industry can help you build your brand recognition, but it can also work to improve your SEO. Anytime your brand is associated with your keywords, it improves your rankings. Offer to contribute or submit articles to some popular industry publications.

3. Posting in industry forums by answering questions, explaining processes, and promoting your products and services can help drive traffic to your site; establish your brand as an industry thought leader; and connect your brand to important search terms. Make sure that when you post in a forum, you keyword-optimise your responses.

4. Social bookmarking sites are a place where people share interesting content. Publishing your content on these sites helps you get indexed more quickly by search engines. Here is a comprehensive list of the top social bookmarking sites to share your content (Search Engine Journal).

5. Blog directories help readers find the blogs that are most interesting to them. They increase readership and site traffic and build email lists and blog subscriptions. They also help improve SEO by creating backlinks and categorising your content so search engines can more readily index your site.

Off page SEO requires a different strategy than on-page SEO but can have some serious benefits for your search engine rankings. At ALHAUS we can help you create an effective off page SEO strategy that helps you take advantage of these benefits and improves your online reputation. Contact our content management experts today to learn more about the ways you can improve your SEO.