Five mistakes to avoid in your online content in 2018

Image:  geir tønnessen

Nowadays, everyone is offering content. So it’s more important than ever to exercise best practises. To help you get started, here are five mistakes to avoid in 2018:

1. Creating content without a clear goal

Content can help you achieve many goals. It can increase your brand awareness, entice new buyers, and can position you as a thought leader in your industry. How you develop your content strategy depends entirely on your goals. Before beginning any campaign, decide what you what to achieve first. 

2. Writing content that doesn’t address customer needs

Content isn’t just for SEO and a higher SERP. Content needs to be focused on the consumer. It should always be informative, relevant, and solve a problem. Not addressing the customer’s needs is a big mistake that can reduce the value of your content. Here is another guide we put together on how to avoid this and the other mistakes when it comes to developing content.

3. Only creating blog posts

Blogs are really important and can offer your brand a lot of opportunities to reach your audience. However, with the popularity of social media, social sharing platforms, and the increasing use of mobile devices, having a range of content is the best strategy (VPN Mentor). Creating other forms of content like eBooks, infographics, and videos can help you reach a much broader audience.

Developing a great content strategy is critical to your online business success.

4. Failing to promote your content

Often times we see marketing departments focus solely on the curation of content. Even if you write the greatest content on the internet, you need to promote it. Let your audience know when you’ve created something new by announcing it on social media, sending emails, or developing backlink relationships.

5. Not optimising for mobile

In 2018, mobile is king. Mobile has been on the rise and is looking to continue to grow (VPN Mentor). If you aren’t optimising for mobile, you won’t reach 51.93% of your audience. Mobile optimisation is more than just making your website mobile friendly. It’s also making your videos, images, and other content mobile-friendly.

These tips will help you make your content work for you. If you would like to learn more about how you can create more effective content, ALHAUS can help. Our content management experts can help you avoid these common mistakes. Contact us to learn how we ensure that all of the content you create is high quality and engages your target audience.