Five essential pages to include in your eBook


If you are publishing your first eBook, there are a few essential pages you need to include.

These pages help readers navigate your book, protect your intellectual property, and build your credibility.

Here are the five key pages we recommend for every eBook, no matter the topic:

1. Copyright and disclaimer page

The copyright and disclaimer page is very important for your legal protection. Statements about your copyright will help protect your content from being plagiarised by another party, while disclaimers will include text that can protect you from lawsuits. The publishing experts at ALHAUS can help guide you on what to include on this important page. 

2. An about page

An about page tells the reader what they will find inside the eBook. The about page is essential for advertising your eBook on large websites, like Amazon, since it is often included in the preview.

3. A table of contents

A table of contents page is extremely useful for eBooks, even in works of fiction. Digital bookmarks are not always reliable, so a table of contents can help a reader find the place they last left off.

4. A references page

If you are publishing a work of nonfiction, a references page is a must. This will list all the references you used to develop your thesis. It is the same as a citations page in an academic paper. Here’s a simple formatting guide from the University of Leicester that can help (University of Leicester). 

5. A resources page

A resources page is supplemental, but offers a chance for you to add to your reader’s experience by guiding them to where they can learn more about the subject. If you are publishing a professional document, the resources page will be a great opportunity for you to showcase your products and services. 

Publishing your first eBook is an exciting prospect. ALHAUS can help you realise this goal. Our publishing experts can help you with everything from determining what pages to include to proofreading and revising to distribution and obtaining an ISBN number. Contact us today to learn more about how our comprehensive publishing services can help you write your eBook.