Five copywriting habits to develop

Image:  Tyler Spaeth

Good copywriting habits will ensure your copy is effective, has a high rate of conversion, and represents your brand. 

Developing these over time takes a little planning and deliberate action. However, if you develop them, you’ll always follow copywriting best practices. Here are some habits to start cultivating:

1. Do your research

Copywriting is half research, half creative writing. One of the most important habits to develop is to do your research about the company, products, and clients (TenFold). Before ever typing a word, make sure you learn everything you need to know.

2. Focus on the user

Think about your audience before creating your copy. A great format to follow is:

●    Grab their attention

●    Identify a problem

●    Provide a solution

●    Demonstrate the benefits

●    Present your credentials

●    Make your offer

This format makes the copy relevant to the user and their needs or wants. 

3. Front load important information

Studies have shown that 59% of users do not read past the headline (Forbes). If they do, most will only read the beginning of any piece of copy. Therefore, you’ll want to lead with your most important information. 

4. Keep the language positive

Positive language gets results and represents your brand. Words like “don’t”, “can’t, and “shouldn’t” are barriers and not entry points. Instead, use positive, encouraging words like “can”, “do”, and “could.”

5. Call attention to key terms

Your copy is in front of your readers for only a short time. So you have to be strategic about what you want them to take away. Think about the most important terms you want associated with your message and focus on them by including them in the headline, repeating them, or giving the prominence in your layout.

Good habits will ensure your copy is always successful. However, even the most disciplined writer is prone to pick up bad habits. Take a minute to review our blog “Five bad copywriting habits to break” to keep you on track. Remember, if you ever need help developing and executing your copy, the experts at ALHAUS can help. Our content management experts will ensure that your copy targets your audience, conveys your brand message, and increases your sales. Contact us to learn more!