Finding your voice

Actor Emmet Kirwan on beach

Actor and writer Emmet Kirwan features in Issue No. 3 of ALHAUS magazine.

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Actor and writer Emmet Kirwan spoke with ALHAUS magazine about staying contemporary, finding your unique voice, and the evolution of an artistic career.

“In the theatre, so many productions involve looking for contemporary cultural significance and relevance in plays written 100 years ago. I think these plays can be good for entertainment value, but if you’re looking for something relevant to the modern times—set it in modern times. So I said to my friend, next time we do a play it’s going to be modern, it’s going to be contemporary. And I’m going to write it.”

Writing can open up other avenues where you’re in control.

“I think if you’re making art, it only becomes successful when you do it in your own voice. It’s essentially the most unique thing that you have. If you try to adopt the essence of someone else’s life and style, that won’t work. It can take a long time to figure out what your voice is. And it’s not just about working hard, but finding out what will resonate with the audience. Ultimately you want to know that people out there will consume the art.”

To read the full feature on Emmet, order Issue no. 3 of ALHAUS magazine, available now.

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