Win a loyal audience with episodic content

Image: Original artwork by  Eye Steel Film

Image: Original artwork by Eye Steel Film


One of this year’s biggest trends on the content marketing scene is episodic content—which, put simply, involves taking a long piece of content and publishing it in segments or instalments over time.

Like a weekly podcast or serialised story, this slow reveal keeps an audience engaged and hungry for more. When done well, this format can expand your customer base, increase blog subscribers and grow follower counts on social.

Here are some useful tips for creating episodic content that will captivate your audience:

Develop an overarching theme or narrative

Plan your content well in advance and draw up an outline for chapters and content development. Humans naturally respond to a good story; you should consider elements such as plot, narrative arc and action when attempting to engage the reader. Identify your intended message from the outset, and use the principles of good storytelling to bring it to life. Take a look at these secrets for keeping readers hooked (Content Marketing Institute).

End on a cliffhanger

There’s no harm in holding back and indulging in a little suspense. While each episode should provide an informative experience, teasing the next piece of content is a must to ensure that readers return for more. Keep it compelling and they’ll be itching to read the rest!

Encourage conversation

Post each episode across your social channels and get people to interact. Ask questions, answer comments and give clues. Publish teasers and a countdown for upcoming episodes, and don’t forget to prompt people to share. You can also request feedback and use this to drive your strategy if you feel you’re not getting the results you were hoping for.

Use interactive storytelling

Use multimedia elements to build an immersive, eye-catching experience. Readers can be fickle and easily distracted, so a fun blend of images, copy, video, and audio will make sure they never get bored. Interactive tools will also allow the audience to take part in the content, as opposed to being passive consumers. Check out the ALHAUS guide to interactive storytelling.

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