Editing vs writing - similar or separate skill sets?


Editing and writing are similar in that they both involve cultivating material for an audience. However, there are a couple very key distinctions between them. Writing and writers are the creators and the storytellers. They create the content.

Editing and editors work to support the writer by making sure their content is easily understood by the audience.

The two conceptsare not necessarily mutually exclusive but their collaboration is the foundation for complete creative success. Here is how both writers and editors work together to craft the best content.

How writers contribute to content

The purpose for a writer is to reach an audience with their thoughts, ideas, and creativity. Their focus is to connect and share their art form. Most often, writers are only thinking about creating something that resonates with them and that they think will be of value to others. They are not necessarily concerned with word choice or grammar. They tend to think inward in order to communicate their main message. While this can lead to great content, it can cause the reader to misinterpret the main idea the writer is trying to convey, especially when the language of the content is beyond the reader’s understanding. This is where a good editor is crucial to the progression of complete and effective content.

How editors contribute to content

The editor’s main concern is not to cultivate the content but to clarify it. This process is about making sure there are no distracting grammatical errors and that the main topic of the content is clear and accessible to the audience. Professional editors know what the audience needs to connect to the writer’s work and are able to assist in guiding the writer to stay within a line of consciousness that the target audience can follow (Quora). The purpose of the editor is not to create new content but to highlight the creativity of the writer.

Why you need both

These skill sets are best when they are working together to create content that readers find engaging and useful. This is why at ALHAUS we offer both writing and editorial support to give you flexibility with your content creation. Our writers and editors work together to ensure that the content you create has the highest possible quality to engage readers with your brand and keep them coming back for more.