Do some spring cleaning with online editing


If you’ve been creating content for several years, it’s probably time for a cleanup. Spring is the perfect time to schedule a content cleaning.

A cleanup can help you optimise your old posts, get rid of your outdated posts, and make sure your past content efforts help support your current goals.

Start with your website content

The best place to start is with your website content itself. There may be some important changes to your business since you last updated your website content that should be added. Furthermore, it’s a great time to add some new content like a landing page or FAQ section to better optimise your content for new technology like voice search. Also, it’s a good idea to make sure your website meets the latest accessibility standards so everyone can access your updated content. 

Clean up your blog

Start by removing anything that is truly out of date. Posts that contain dated information or references are not helpful to your brand. Don’t delete these posts though, keep them to see if they can be upcycled into a newer topic. Also, take note of any popular or relevant posts you are keeping that can be recycled into new content like infographics, podcast topics, or videos. Next, review all your posts to make sure they match your current SEO strategy. SEO is constantly changing, so make sure that you are up to date. 

Don’t forget your social media

Next review all the content on your social media accounts. As with your website and blog content, remove anything out of date. Then make sure your hashtags, links, and keywords support your current strategy. Some social media sites let you edit or retool old posts. You should also consider reposting any of your older posts that had a lot of traction. Hootsuite offers some great tips on how businesses can clean up their social media presence to improve communication with your customers (HootSuite)

How a professional content editor can help

Doing a spring clean up of your content can be very labour-intensive, so it’s a good idea to hire a content editor to help. They will also offer an objective eye and a high level of expertise to make sure both your past and present content support your current strategy. There are also several other benefits for businesses to invest in online editing. 

If you are ready to clean up your content, contact the content management experts at ALHAUS. We offer a variety of editing services that can help ensure that all of your content meets your current needs.