International accessibility news roundup

Image: Cristopher Michel

Image: Cristopher Michel

At ALHAUS we understand how much work you put into your content. So we are dedicated to making sure that everyone can enjoy it. The best way to guarantee your content is reaching the greatest number of people making sure it is fully accessible. In order to help our clients understand the latest updates in accessibility, we collect the best news stories from across the globe into a monthly news roundup. 

Here is your monthly international accessibility new roundup for March:

A benchmark for website accessibility (LocalGov)

Bryn Anderson

The EU web accessibility will transform the way 13 million people in Britain access the internet. This directive has already helped many in the public sector improve the accessibility of their website. The directive will be implemented in May. This article offers tips to help implement these accessibility standards.

Council expert tells Ukraine conference how to build an accessible city based on Chester’s success (The Standard)

Steve Creswell

Chester has made very important accessibility improvements at every level of their city. Now the award-winning city is a model for other communities to make their cities more accessible. Recently Senior Access Officer was invited to the Ukraine to help offer guidance for other EU cities to improve their accessibility both on and offline.  

US accessibility standards a boon to media localizers and subtitlers (Slator)

Eden Estopace

The revised standards of the Electronic and Information Accessibility standards have helped websites become more inclusive. An interesting side effect is that it has also lead to an economic boon for media localizers and subtitlers. Websites are tapping these experts to help implement the new accessibility standards. The standards implement in January already has widespread positive impact. 

Confidence crisis in online accessibility (Inside HigherEd)

Lindsay McKenzie

Community colleges offering online courses are starting to see a serious decline in confidence about their accessibility. This has caused many of these smaller colleges to review their learning management systems to improve accessibility. These challenges need to be addressed in order to continue providing high-quality education.

Is the public sector ready for the website accessibility drive? (

Bryn Anderson

With the incoming EU legislation requiring governments to meet accessibility standards, many experts are wondering if they are prepared. Though many government entities are preparing for the standards in May, few are ready for the next set of three directives in September. Governments have to develop a comprehensive strategy if they are going to meet the needs of their population.

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