Five ways your content managers can support the sales team


If your sales and content departments are siloing, here's how a content team can help.


Content can support every phase of the sales funnel. From first contact to closing the sale, the right piece of content can encourage action from a potential client.

If your sales and content departments are siloing, here are six ways that your content managers can better support the sales team. 

1. Align your departmental goals: Start by scheduling regular meetings to discuss departmental goals (Tenfold). Often the goals of the sales and marketing teams are the same. Sales have quotas for sales, while content managers have quotas for conversion. Taking time to define and provide transparency around these department goals will help everyone work together. 

2. Use content to generate leads: Sales can provide valuable information to the content management team about the ideal customers. Sales know what personas are most likely to make a purchase. With this information the content management team can strategise how to reach these individuals and generate qualified leads.

An effective content management team works in tandem with the sales team to help them achieve their departmental goals.

3. Build relationships: Relationships are crucial, especially in niche industries and B2B sales. Content managers can provide the sales team with content that will keep customers engaged. They can address common questions, encourage action, and personalise transactions.

4. Help overcome objections: Not only can content help build relationships, it can also provide the information to overcome objections. This critical phase of the sales funnel is where even a great salesperson can lose a customer. However, if given the right content, they can overcome objections without ever even having a conversation.

5. Increase conversions: A solid piece of content with a strong call to action can help close an important sale. Content can help build brand trust and provide customers with the personalised option they need. This piece is extremely valuable for the sales team. 

6. Provide valuable insights for growth: Content managers are on the cutting edge. In order to meet the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, they are often the first to recognise trends. They can help the sales team determine what moves to make next to continue to grow their market presence. 

Sales and content managers are a perfect team. With the right dynamic they can work together to really expand and grow your business. At ALHAUS we understand that content is only as valuable as the results. So we can help ensure that your content supports your sales team and your company’s goals. Contact us to learn more about how we can support an alignment between these two critical departments.