Client focus: Assist Ireland


Assist Ireland is an online resource and product directory, dedicated to providing information about aids, appliances and assistive technology for people with disabilities and older people.

The most important technical resource for those living with disabilities in Ireland, its central purpose is to provide easily understood and concise information and imagery. Contained in its comprehensive directory are over 7,000 products, each designed to make the daily lives of people in Ireland easier, as well as contact details for relevant suppliers.

Initiated and developed by the Citizen’s Information Board (CIB) in 2004, the technical writing and editing requirements were outsourced to Alhaus prior to the launch of the site. Easily intelligible, information-rich content is regularly uploaded by Alhaus editors through the CMS, written in strict accordance with in-house style guides and supplemented with images that meet design specifications.

A series of information sheets is also available on the site, formulated for Irish audiences by Assist Ireland in partnership with the Disabled Living Foundation in the UK. Each information sheet describes the range of devices, aids and solutions that are available to assist those living with disabilities with daily tasks, and details the factors to consider when choosing equipment. Information on the grants and supports that may be available to older people and people with disabilities has also been compiled.

Accuracy, reliability and accessibility of information is essential across the Assist Ireland site, particularly for those using speech synthesisers. As the chief provider of the most comprehensive directory and database in the country, Assist Ireland provides advice about:

  • The use of technological aids
  • Funding options
  • Relevant organisations
  • Professional bodies and
  • Useful publications

In 2005, was the winner of the Irish eGovernment Accessible awards. Attracting almost 27,000 unique visitors between the months of January and August 2013, it continues to be a vital technical resource for those living with disabilities in Ireland.