Characteristics of great copywriting


Copywriting is an art and creating great copy takes knowledge, creativity, and experience. To understand how to write great copy, you need to understand what makes great copy.

What determines great copy can vary from industry to industry and reflect unique company brands.

However, there are some basic characteristics that all great copy shares no matter what the product, service, or industry.

Great copy challenges the norms

We are inundated with advertisements, so eventually they start to blend together. Especially since most products and services within a specific industry have the same selling points that are repeated by marketers over and over again. Great copy breaks from the pack and offers a new twist on the product or service. This twist can challenge perceptions and help you stand out against the norms.

Great copy connects the brand to an experience

The products we consume and the services we choose are ultimately a reflection of our larger lifestyle. Great copy connects your products and services directly to your customer’s lifestyle. With your copywriting, you want to communicate more than just information about your products and services, you want to connect them to an experience in your consumer’s life.

Great copy is memorable

Whether your copy communicates an important fact, entertains your consumers, or defies expectations, the most important thing is to make your copy memorable. If your copy catches people’s attention, you can create a memorable experience for them which will help them remember your brand.

Great copy cuts out the excess

With so much copy in the world, you only get a few moments to engage with your audience. Great copy quickly and easily communicates your message in that short time period. Copy should be clear and concise, and not be overly wordy or too long (Entrepreneur). When writing your copy, make sure to really think about what needs to be communicated and cut the excess.

Great copywriting can be hard to master, but if you ensure that your copy has these characteristics, you’ll soon be on your way to communicating your brand to your customers. If you need some help mastering copy, ALHAUS is here. Our expert copywriters can review your copy and make sure it truly represents your brand and communicates to your audience. Check out our services to learn more about how we can help you master copywriting.