Five content hacks to improve audience engagement

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Since the dawn of the digital age, the common thread running through successful marketing campaigns and digital strategies has been content creation—but not all content was created equal.

More and more, marketers are realising that to create content that is worth sharing, you have to both meet certain criteria and take some risks to get to know your audience. Detailed below are some hacks to ensure your content gets more engagement.

Experiment with A/B testing

A/B testing is the process of sharing the content with some variable elements. For example, an email that details the news updates from a company could be sent with two subject lines; 50% of your audience will receive the email with the subject: “June News: Jobs, competitions and upcoming courses”, and the other 50% will receive the email with a subject that reads: “Pssst, we’ve got some exciting news for you this June…”. Once sent, you can then check which had the higher open rate and thus figure out what works best for your audience.

Make content accessible

Making content accessible means giving everyone the ability, regardless of any condition, to access it. Web accessibility is a way to ensure that anyone who is differently-abled has access to your content. Even for those without any disability, there’s no bigger turn-off than trying to decipher hard-to-read text that is too small or on a busy background—or trying to watch a video with no sound, that doesn’t have subtitles. Accessibility will ensure that all your audience has the best possible experience of your content.

Tell stories

There is always a lot of noise around how to create viral content—in truth, there is no fail-safe way. The secret to creating shareable content is knowing how best to engage humans: storytelling. Creating a narrative within your content gives consumers something to latch on to and pursue, meaning fewer bounce rates. And if your story rings true for one person, and they choose to share it, your content will be disseminated to a larger audience.

Have a personality

People want to talk to other people, not automatons—so it’s important your brand expresses a personality that is derived from your brand values. Audiences often judge a brand by how they come across on social media, so it’s important that you sound authentic, consistent and approachable. Tap into trending topics to reach a new audience, reply to comments with GIFs or memes, and why not set up fun polls to encourage engagement?

Don’t forget your keyword research

Keywords are relevant copy that dictates what your website, blog or article is about. They are incredibly important for SEO as they’re the words and phrases your audience will probably enter into search engines. To stand a chance of being placed high up in a search, keywords will need to be sprinkled all over your website or blog. Your keywords and phrases should be targeted and relevant to your audience so the traffic that does come in can be converted to sales.

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