Are you really committed to mobile content?


In 2016, 65% of all digital media was consumed by mobile users and this trend is expected to only grow in the coming years (Marketing Land). As a content manager, it is more important than ever that you optimise your content for mobile use.

To reach all of your potential mobile readers, it requires a real commitment in curating and crafting content specifically for mobile consumption.

Understand the challenges of mobile content

Providing mobile content has a range of unique challenges. The first is that mobile screens are smaller, so you have to really think about optimising your content so it is easier to engage with on that size of a screen. This may require reformatting your website or blog so it provides better accessibility. The second, is that people interacting with mobile content are often interrupted, so you need to capture a reader’s attention within the first six seconds before they get engaged by the real world. 

Focus on engagement

With mobile content, engagement is everything. Google recommends that you reimagine storytelling and focus on engaging your audience immediately (Think With Google). There are a number of ways you can do this. Start by writing an attention grabbing headline. Next, weight all of your content at the beginning. Even if you are writing in long form, you want your key points to stand out right away. Finally, make your content count. Get rid of any unnecessary fluff or filler, make sure your wording is short and succinct. 

Measure for mobility

An effective content management strategy also includes measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns. However, traditional methods like gauging ROI do not truly measure the effectiveness of a mobile campaign. Instead, you need to change your KPIs to focus on audience growth and engagement. Ultimately, mobile content is about a customer’s journey with your brand rather than simply a brand expression.

If you or your business are ready to commit to mobile content, you will need to shift your perspective and implement a mobile-specific strategy. If you’re still not sure where to start, ALHAUS can help! We offer a range of content management strategies including mobile optimisation to make sure that you are effectively engaging your readers and building your brand presence online. Contact us today to see how we can tailor a mobile content solution that is perfect for your business.