International accessibility news roundup

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Stay up to date on the latest news and developments in the field of accessibility.


At ALHAUS, we know that you work hard on your content and want it to have maximum reach. To help keep you informed on current trends in accessibility and inclusivity, we publish a monthly roundup of stories from around the web.

Here are this month’s features:

What AI can do to improve workplace accessibility for employees with disabilities

Catherine O’Flynn and Darran Brennan

The use of AI has changed the scope of work, benefiting not only employees with disabilities but workplaces as a whole while creating a more inclusive and accessible space. It can also assist employers in honouring their legislative responsibilities.

The goal of design’s next generation? Radical accessibility

Katharine Schwab

Fast Company’s Innovation By Design Awards offer a glimpse at the future of design. The student category, in particular, hints at the ideas that will occupy the next generation, and in 2018 some of the best work coming out of design schools was focused on accessibility.

There’s a business case for accessibility legislation

Marie Bountrogianni

Accessibility legislation is an act of human rights and inclusion. While a large majority of people with disabilities have a strong desire to work, many of these these individuals unfortunately still work in jobs below their skill level.

What Apple Watch Series 4 means for accessibility

Steven Aquino

In terms of accessibility, the Series 4 model has incredible potential to enrich the lives of disabled people even further.

The Pipeline: The YouTuber making videos more accessible

Madeline Buxton

In her position as product manager at YouTube, Liat Kaver spearheads the company’s efforts to expand automatic captioning, increasing video accessibility on a global scale. She sees the tool as a way to give everyone a voice that can be heard.

Check in again next month for October’s accessibility news. If you’d like to ensure your own content is developed with inclusivity in mind, ALHAUS can advise on web accessibility and best practice. We’ll make sure your work can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of ability.