International accessibility news roundup

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Stay informed on the latest developments in accessibility and inclusivity with our monthly news roundup.


The importance of web accessibility can’t be overstated. Technology and the internet can be hugely valuable resources for people with special needs, and therefore should be optimised for effective use alongside a range of abilities or challenges. This is where content comes in—every content provider should keep accessibility in mind when devising their website and online strategy. And ALHAUS is here to help by providing a monthly roundup of the latest news in accessibility and inclusivity.

Here are this month’s top picks:

Instagram launches automatic alternative text to make platform more accessible to those with visual impairments

Michael Potuck

Instagram has announced two major accessibility improvements to give those with visual impairments a better experience on the social media platform. Automatic alternative text and custom alternative text will offer users the ability to hear descriptions of photos.

These technologies are improving video game accessibility for the blind

Aisha Hassan

Visuals are a core part of video-game design. They can enhance gameplay and make a narrative more immersive—or, done poorly, ruin an experience altogether. Either way, visually-impaired players don’t have access to them. In recent years, companies and researchers have increasingly tried to address that issue.

Microsoft’s chief accessibility officer: ‘We’re at the tip of the iceberg for what’s possible with tech’

Amelia Heathman

At Microsoft’s annual Future Decoded event in London this year, accessibility was a big topic of conversation. On stage, Microsoft demonstrated some of the innovations it has made in the space this year, such as its adaptive Xbox controller designed specifically for gamers with limited mobility—and a new hiring programme for people with autism who were being left behind in the traditional recruitment process.

Feds Prod Universities to Address Website Accessibility Complaints

Lindsay McKenzie

Awareness of the importance of web accessibility has grown among university leaders in recent years, partly due to numerous well-publicized lawsuits. Yet ensuring that every aspect of a university's sprawling web presence meets recommended web accessibility standards remains a huge challenge.

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