International accessibility news roundup

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Our monthly roundup fills you in on the latest in accessibility and inclusivity.


At ALHAUS, we know that an effective content strategy requires a lot of time and resources. We believe that your hard work should be enjoyed by everyone, and that any plan for extending reach should involve considerations of accessibility and inclusivity from the outset.

To help you on your journey, we publish a monthly roundup of stories from around the web. Here are this month’s top picks:

How to make sure that your product is accessible to all users

Beth Franssen

Every founder wants an eye-catching website or app, but it’s easy to overlook a basic fact: not all your potential visitors will experience your content with their eyes. If you haven’t considered whether a user with differing visual, motor or hearing abilities can easily navigate your software, it’s time to get serious about digital accessibility.

Three things about Apple's new services that matter for accessibility

Steven Quino

Apple's Show Time event was all about services—services that have practical applications for accessibility. It isn't just that Apple considers accessibility. It's that the company considers it to be table stakes for its product. Not just in abstract terms in some distant and conceptually convenient future—but from day one.

Six simple ways to improve web accessibility

Jazmine Betz

Web accessibility is growing as a field of study, and professionals are taking notice. Web accessibility is becoming more important to businesses and developers, and some UX designers have begun incorporating accessible design into their work.

Microsoft open sources Accessibility Insights

Keith Ballinger

Accessibility Insights for Windows and Accessibility Insights for Web is a set of two free tools to help developers easily find and fix common accessibility issues early in the development cycle. Built on Deque’s open source axe technology, Accessibility Insights can run as standalone tools, or you can integrate the rules engine into your build process.

Google releases open source tool to make iOS more accessible

Kyle Wiggers

Not content with improving its own platforms’ accessibility, Google’s releasing a new tool—Accessibility Scanner for iOS—that’s designed to make it easier to develop iOS apps that accommodate visually and hearing-impaired users. It’s available on GitHub in open source.

Check in again next month for more accessibility news. The experts at ALHAUS are on hand to advise you on best practice for your own content development. Get in touch today to find out more.