International accessibility news roundup

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We take our monthly look at what is happening in the world of internet accessibility.


Whether you are developing an app, redesigning your website or creating content, it is vital that you pay attention to accessibility. Ensuring that your online activities are accessible for all is a great way of broadening your audience and extending your reach.

At ALHAUS, we like to keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the field of accessibility. Here are this month’s top picks:

The penalty you face avoiding website accessibility

CW Staff

Website accessibility is a crucial consideration for any business, no matter what industry or market your business is in. If you have a website that sells products or services, or a website that provides users with information, entertainment, or anything directly related to your business, you need to start thinking about your website’s accessibility standards.

Turning over a new page: how accessibility tech is changing

Heidi Scrimgeour

Assistive technology is transforming the lives of people with disabilities. But what’s perhaps more remarkable is the fact that you probably haven’t noticed. The unobtrusive nature of the technology demonstrates the sharp evolutionary curve seen in assistive tech.

The impact of website accessibility on page speed

CW Newsdesk

Everybody’s been there; you do a quick search for information, click on one of the top search results, and wait for the page to load. After a few seconds of a blank page, you move on to the next option on the list. This is a painful reality for a lot of businesses that don’t understand web page speed and how it impacts the user experience.

iOS 13 includes new accessibility features for motion sensitivity and color blindness

Jordan Kahn

This month, during Apple’s WWDC sessions for developers, the company showed off some new features for accessibility coming to iOS 13. These include new settings to improve app interactions for users with various motion sensitivity and color-blindness disabilities.

Study shows high-ranking websites are neglecting accessibility

Matt Southern

According to a recent study, the most neglected aspect of technical optimization is website accessibility for the visually impaired and blind.

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