International accessibility news roundup

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Our monthly roundup fills you in on the latest accessibility news.


At ALHAUS we recognise that in the field of content creation, accessibility is key. The web—in addition to the workplace, and ease of use in technology—should be for everyone, and businesses need to keep this in mind as the digital landscape continues to rapidly advance.

To help keep you informed on developments in accessibility and inclusivity, we publish a monthly roundup of stories from around the web. Here are this month’s top picks:

More accessible products and services for EU citizens: Council approves the provisional agreement with the European Parliament

Council of the EU

The Council's Permanent Representatives Committee has approved the provisional agreement reached with the European Parliament on the proposal for a European Accessibility Act (EAA). The proposal aims at making various products and services in the European Union more accessible for persons with disabilities.

Making information accessible—for everyone

Dr Yvette Maker and Professor Jeannie Marie Paterson

Essential but often complex services like banks, utilities and phones need to be accessible for all, including those with cognitive disabilities. Here’s how you do it.

On-demand services need to be more accessible

Lucy Brown

Services including Netflix and Amazon Prime may be compelled to ensure their programming meets accessibility targets. Content would be made more suitable for those with hearing or sight impairments by using subtitles, signing or audio description.

Designing for accessibility doesn't drive costs; it drives opportunity

Justin Daab

Designing for users with visual impairments doesn't pose a challenge, but an opportunity. There are standard information hierarchies that have been established because they offer increased familiarity for most users, which, in turn, translates into a navigational structure that feels more intuitive.

Don’t forget to check in again next month for more accessibility news. If you’d like to ensure your own content is developed with inclusivity in mind, the experts at ALHAUS can advise on best practice. Get in touch today to find out more.