Five ways to incorporate AI into your content marketing strategy


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hottest trend in online marketing but as a new technology, many marketers don’t understand how it can be utilised for their business.

AI has massive potential. Here are five ways to consider incorporating AI into your content marketing strategy:

1.    Content creation and curation: AI uses sophisticated algorithms to collect data on your target audience and determine what questions they have about your brand. Armed with this information you put together a really effective content strategy.

2.    Marketing automation: By using algorithms about the habits of your customers, AI can publish content at peak times, on ideal platforms. Automating marketing will save time and effort, while simultaneously increasing brand awareness.

3.    Lead generation: AI has the ability to assess the market and determine which leads are the most likely to have a return. Understanding which leads could bring the biggest potential sales, content marketers can spend their time focused on targeted content at the right point in the sales funnel to ensure conversion.

4.    Predictive analytics: AI utilises big data and machine learning to determine the impact on content marketing strategies. With these predictions, content marketers can spend less time on understanding and measuring their impact through things like A/B testing and more time on create content that works (eContent Magazine)

5.    Chatbots: Chatbot is basically a digital customer service representative that can answer simple questions. Employing chatbots can help expand your market reach and create a more personalised experience with your customers. They can also help you understand what your customers are looking for so you can create targeted content.

There is a myriad of ways to incorporate AI into your content marketing strategy. If you are ready to incorporate AI take a look at some of the tools on the market (AI Institute). Then contact ALHAUS to see how we can help you best utilise these tools for an effective content strategy.