5 ways keywords impact sales


Word choice is important when driving discoverability in any product or content. Keywords are a method of search optimisation that effectively boosts a product or website by promoting words that an individual is most likely to choose in relation to a specific product (Digital Book World).

Ranking particular keywords is important not only for search optimisation but also for drawing return visits to content or products by maintaining keywords that users have utilised to some degree of success before.

Here are five ways that keywords impact sales:

1. Discoverability leads to sales 

Keywords are direct, logical, and simple terms that direct the interest of the customer to your product without them thinking specifically of that product alone. When using basic terms that relate to your product, or chains of words that colloquially may be used more often, people are more likely to search for them. Paying attention to similar products that have higher sales and utilising similar keywords within the content can assist in boosting your results. Looking into online retailers, such as Amazon, and analysing similar sale rankings can be an effective way to maximise discoverability.

2. Word selection in product description and title

When people are looking for a specific product, they use basic terms and descriptors that are logical for their search. Manipulating those choices by predicting them and titling the product with similar keywords, or adding them into the description, can drive sales and return visits from customers.

3. Increasing sales over time

Maintaining keywords increases accessibility but also subtly promotes your product so that individuals will consistently return to purchase or engage with your product. Simple, logical keywords also lend themselves to suggestion and streamlines customer to customer recommendations.

4. Diversifying the number of keywords leads to better ranking

If you use single words to boost keyword functionality, you’re competing with thousands of other websites and products that are also using those basic words. Longer phrases that are still inherently simple but also contain enough popular words to match search phrases boost search engine ranking if they match the key. Utilising longer, natural phrases leads to individuals being able to find exactly what they were looking for with their own specifics - driving pickier or customers with specific needs and expectations directly to your product.

5. Diversity in options of integrating keywords into content

When you’re motivating customers to visit your website, you can use keywords in a variety of ways. Integrating keywords not only into the title of your product or website but also into the description; reviews from previous customers; or even just a blog related to your product and hosted on your website are all opportunities to integrate keywords increasing visibility and therefore sales. For more content budgeting ideas and resources to help you learn more, visit ALHAUS.