5 smart copywriting tips to increase conversion


Writing copy that actually starts conversations and turns readers into customers is a pretty tall order nowadays. With the ever-expanding marketplace, effective copywriting is the best way to stand out from the noise of all your competition. The pressure to write succinct, yet attractive copy can quickly lead to writer’s block.

To help you overcome this block, here are some smart copywriting tips to help you increase conversion:

1.    Do your research: Every industry is different, every brand identity is distinct, and your target audience is unique. If you research the market, you will understand what sets your brand apart from your competition and how to get your ideal audience to respond. Then you will know exactly how to deliver your brand message through your copy. Here is an overview on copywriting research to get you started (Smashing Magazine).

2.    Write succinctly: Use simple language that is easy to read. Keep your copy short and to the point. The best measure of good copy is that a reader can scan it quickly and get all the information they need.

3.    Inject brand personality: Your copy needs to inform; entertain; and present your unique brand's personality. Whether you tell stories; incorporate controversy; or use humour to present your brand and products, you want to have a clear brand personality in all your copy. Think about what your brand represents and find your unique voice. Then use that voice consistently throughout all of your copy.

4.    Write eye-catching headlines: Your headline is your introduction to your reader. A lot of people only ever read headlines, so it may be the only place you have a chance to get their attention. 

5.    Incorporate a call to action: Every piece of copy you write needs to include a call to action. Once you’ve grabbed your potential customer’s attention, you will need to then let them know what to do next. You can make your call to action even more effective by adding a sense of urgency, so that if they don’t take action soon they will miss out.

If you follow these smart tips, you will be able to write copy that leads to conversion. However, if you are still struggling to reach your audience with your copy, the professionals at ALHAUS are here to help. We offer a range of copywriting services that can take your copy to the next level and inspire customers to action. So contact us today!