5 major trends in content marketing


Between evolving technologies and changing social trends, what readers look for in content is always in flux.

It is very important that you stay current with the latest trends in content marketing so that you don’t lose readership.

Here are the five biggest trends in content marketing right now so you can make sure that you are meeting the current demands of the market:

1.    Interactive content: As technology improves, it’s become easier to create, host, and deliver interactive content to readers. More brands are starting to use interactive content so readers are starting to demand and expect it from everyone. Readers don’t just want articles anymore, they also want entertaining videos, fun games, informative audio content, and eye-catching photography and infographics.  

2.    Influencer marketing: With pretty much every brand having an online presence, people are looking more and more to influencers to help them find what are the best products and services. People see influencers as an objective third party who will help them get the trustworthy information and reviews to filter through all the content.

3.    User-generated content: Though it seems like a strange strategy to put your content management in the hands of your followers, it is a really effective way to make people feel like they are part of your brand. Social media contests, public discussion forums, and guest editors can contribute a lot to your brand, engage your customers in a new way, and build credibility and loyalty.  

4.    Video content: Thanks to smartphones and tablets, people watch videos anytime, anywhere. So the interest in video content is now skyrocketing. Hubspot made a great infographic to show the growing interest in video content.

5.    Paid social: Most marketers saw paid social media content as a way to lose authenticity, instead they preferred a more organic approach to promotion. However, as more social media platforms are pushing paid social, they are finding more positive response from consumers. Paid social now actually gives companies more credibility because it is seen as a sign of financial success and thus credibility.

At ALHAUS, we are always on top of the next big trends in content management. We understand that the online landscape is always changing and that people get bored of the same old content. So if you are looking to stay ahead of the pack and create trendsetting content, we can help!