5 effective ways to promote your content


Writing and publishing engaging content is only half the battle. You may be regularly publishing the best content on the web but if you aren’t promoting your content, you will not have any readers.

The most successful content marketing strategies also include content promotion.

Here are the five most effective ways to promote your content:

1.    Reach out to influencers: Influencers can be a great ally in content promotion. One mention of your article from a powerful influencer and you can reach a massive audience. If you don’t know any influencers, you can use a company like Buzzstream to find people in your specific niche. You can also reach out to influencers on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 

2.    Utilise your email list: Your email list is essential to promoting content. The people on your email list have opted into your brand, so they want to hear from you. When you publish a great piece of content, shoot out a quick email to all your followers with a greeting and a clickable, shareable link. You can also send out regular/monthly ezines or newsletters that include links to your best and most recent content. 

3.    Create social media snippets: Social media is a great place to promote your content. However, to effectively promote content on social media you need to create snippets. Snippets are basically shortened versions of the article content. Snippets can be anything from a quote from the article, a reworking of a title, or an important statistic. These snippets will pique a reader’s interest and ensure they click to learn more.

4.    Add links to your popular content on your website: Look at your archives and find the most read pieces of content that are relevant to your latest work. Then add a link at the bottom to the newest piece. This promotes continual engagement with your content and can lead to regular readership.

5.    Use a variety of media: Content like videos, slideshows, infographics, and .pdf ebooks can help you reach a wider audience and give you more tools and a broader range of outlets for content promotion.   

Once you have mastered the art of content creation, you also need to make sure that you also promote your content, otherwise people won’t know your content even exists. These are just some of the effective ways to promote your content. If you are looking for a truly comprehensive content promotion package, contact our content experts at ALHAUS. We will not only make sure you are publishing great content, but that your content is reaching a large audience.