5 big mistakes to avoid in your online content


Creating a website for your business is obviously important, but many don’t fully appreciate just how difficult it can be to master.

One of the trickiest parts of the editorial process is creating the right online content.

From a blog to a basic website to your social media posts, there are plenty of mistakes that you can’t afford to make. Out of all of these, there are five big mistakes that you need to be able to avoid:

  1. Poor formatting – The formatting on your website and blog posts have a direct impact on their overall readability. More people use their smart phones than desktops to browse the net today, and as a result that formatting is even more important. Using subheadings and bullet points to break up walls of text is a must.
  2. Poor subject quality – Your content needs to actually matter to the visitor. Filling up a page or a blog post with junk info that amounts to spam is never a good idea. Instead, you need to create compelling online content that helps you stand out as a website that is worth visiting.
  3. Irrelevance – Your website content always needs to be relevant to your field. People should come to expect industry-related content from you and nothing more. Stay on topic and stay on point. It will help you keep visitors coming to your site.
  4. No editing – This is often overlooked, but can’t be ignored. Your online content needs to be professionally edited in order to create the highest quality reading experience. Errors in grammar and spelling not only make you look less professional, but can actually impact your SEO as well.
  5. No images or video – Images and video have a big influence on your content and how viewers respond to it. 5 to 6 images on average will help you visually stimulate readers, and can also increase your SEO results in a positive way.

If you’re serious about your company’s online presence, your online content is something you need to pay attention to. It’s also something that we here at ALHAUS can help with. Contact us to learn more about how you can improve your online content.