4 tips to optimise your content for mobile readers


Nowadays when creating your content strategy, you need to focus on mobile content creation. Smartphones have now surpassed computers as the primary form of internet engagement (Statista).

It is essential that when you design your content strategy, you lead with mobile optimisation to truly engage your readers."

Here are four tips to optimise your content for mobile readers:

1. Make sure your content is mobile responsive: When designing your website, you need to ensure that your content is mobile responsive. If your readers are forced to engage with a standard webpage they have to turn their phone and zoom to interact with, they are likely to get frustrated and leave before fully engaging. Most hosting platforms now offer mobile responsiveness in their design. So if your website is older, you need to upgrade your website so that it is mobile-friendly.

2. Consider long-form content: Studies have shown that long-form content is more popular on mobile devices than short form (The Atlantic). That is because people tend to read on their smartphones to relax or pass the time. When crafting your content, don’t be afraid to publish longer, more detailed pieces.

3. Front load your content: With mobile devices, it’s easy for consumers to move on to the next piece of content if they get bored. Make sure that when you are crafting your content you lead with a strong opener. Readers are more likely to stick around if they are engaged immediately. Plus, if they are interrupted by a notification or have to put down their phone, they will still leave the key points you want to communicate.

4. Break up your content: Use short paragraphs, bullet points, numbered lists, and subtitles to break your content into short easy-to-read sections. Even as mobile phone screens are getting larger, they are still a small platform to display content so it’s harder to concentrate on long sections of text. You want to make sure it’s easy for your consumers to read and scroll through an article quickly.

Mobile readers should be the primary consideration in content management. As mobile devices replace computers as the standard means of online engagement, you need to adapt your content strategy to meet consumer demands. This can be a bit of a challenge because it is a completely different approach to content. So if you are looking for effective ways to engage mobile readers, check out our services at ALHAUS. We know exactly how to meet the demands of the mobile market and can help your business design the perfect strategy to optimise your content for mobile readers.