3 reasons proofreading is a must for your blog


By now, most businesses are fully aware of just how important a blog can be. By providing you with a place to stay in touch with your visitors, release new, updated information, and keep your SEO relevant to current trends, blogs matter more now than ever.

But a surprising number of businesses release blog updates that are far from perfect. It’s true that the rush to stay consistent and release posts on a regular basis can make it harder to properly edit blogs, but it’s vital that you do so. If you’re not convinced that proofreading and editing blog posts matters, consider the following three ways that it can have a major impact on your overall results:

  1. Good proofreading will eliminate mistakes and help you appear more professional. Every misspelling and grammatical error can cause your business to seem a little less respectable, and could directly lose you business. Editing corrects this and helps you look like the true professional, industry leader that you are.
  2. Proofreading also impacts SEO. Google uses a lot of different factors to ensure that the sites it shows to online searchers are the best ones for their interests, and spelling has a direct impact on this. If you want to get the best rankings on online searches – and you should – you’ll need to ensure that your blogs are properly edited.
  3. User engagement matters as well, and when your blog readers are able to connect with your words and find quality in your content it will help you develop your brand and grow your online visitor base. To maximise that engagement, you need to ensure that your blog has been edited in the best way possible. Misspellings and mistakes can lose the connection you form with readers, and that means you can lose business. 

All in all, proofreading matters in a big way. Keeping your blog current and relevant is vital for its success, but so is making sure that spelling, grammar, and formatting are all of the highest quality. Pay attention to those things, and you’ll see better results from your efforts online.

Our team is here to help. We can offer you professional online editing services that make a big difference in how your blogs are received and how your business grows in the digital space. Contact ALHAUS today to learn more about our proofreading and editing services and how we can help you.