Five times you should hire a content editor


"Editors are a content manager’s best friend."

They help ensure the quality and consistency of your content, generate ideas, and can bring a new perspective to your content strategy. There are many times that a business can benefit from hiring a content editor, here are the five most important:

1. During periods of rapid expansion

When your company is going through a period of rapid expansion, you will have a period of adjusting to meet all of your needs. In those times your content management may slip. A content editor can help keep your content strategy on track. 

2. When creating large volumes of content

Quality is incredibly important when producing content. However, if you are producing large volumes of content, especially with a limited staff, the quality will naturally be impacted. An editor can review your content to make sure that that your quality never suffers.

3. Anytime you are creating long-form content

Ensuring quality in long-form content like an eBook or whitepaper is extremely difficult, even if you are very experienced. A content editor will make sure that you don’t miss any copy errors, your voice is consistent, and your content makes narrative sense.

4. When your content will be broadly distributed

If you are planning on publishing your content for a large audience, a copy editor is crucial. One copy mistake can create serious damage to your brand. A copy editor can prevent this scenario.

5. The times when brand authority is extremely important

Brand authority online is determined by the quality of information presented in your content. A content editor offers an objective viewpoint that can help ensure that your content reflects your thought leadership.

What to look for in a content editor

If you need an editor for any of these scenarios, here are some of the qualities to look for when hiring an editor (Poynter):

1.    Proven writing, editing, and proofreading skills

2.    Industry knowledge and curiosity

3.    Attention to detail and organisation

A good editor will have a portfolio of work you can review to determine if they are a good match. 

At ALHAUS we offer a variety of content editing services to help you achieve your content goals during these times. So if you are ready to hire a content editor, contact us and our content management team will review your needs and put together a tailored strategy.