10 tools for creating engaging video content


Video content is a huge trend right now, but with budget concerns and a lack of in-house
expertise, many businesses are opting not to take advantage of the great opportunities available.

However, with these ten tools, any business can create beautiful, shareable video content to reach audiences across a multitude of online platforms.

1.    WeVideo is an online platform that lets users upload and edit videos easily without any experience. Depending on the plan you get you can do everything from slow motion to voiceovers to screencasting from any device. 

2.    Wideo is a free tool that helps create beautiful animations. This feature-rich program is super easy to use and can help create tailored animations for any industry.

3.    Slidely creates perfect videos for sharing across different social media platforms by using videos or static images. Once an app dedicated to social media users, Slidely has launched Promo, a tool dedicated to providing social media video solutions for marketers. 

4.    Stupefix is a free online platform that creates beautiful videos from static images, videos, maps, and music. It even offers 16 different templates so you can be sure your video looks professional no matter your experience level.

5.    Placeit offers templates can be used with photos or videos. These are great for quick demonstration videos, screencasts, and unique presentations.  

6.    Videoshop is potentially the fastest and easiest video editing app on the market. You can add music, sound effects, filters, and even merge clips. The app also lets you share your videos instantly across all your social media accounts.

7.    Videoscribe is perfect for webcasts and instructional videos. It lets you create easy and informative whiteboard presentations without any design skills.  

8.    Screencast-o-matic is another great tool for webinars is screencast. With this software you can record your screen, so you can easily record webinars or make instructional videos on how to use your software, navigate your website, or just show a Powerpoint presentation.  

9.    Magisto uses AI to create and distribute video. It also provides insights through analytics to see how many people are engaging with your video content. 

10.    Wirecast is perfect if you are interested in hosting live video, Wirecast is perfect. Easily create live videos and stream simultaneously across multiple platforms. You can even add design elements like timers, animated titles, and incorporate live social media comments.

These are just some of the incredible, easy tools available for video marketing. So if you are ready to add a new medium to your content strategy check them out. ALHAUS can also help you put together a great video strategy. Our content management experts will help you develop topics; figure out a distribution strategy; and help ensure that all over your content strategies provide a return on investment. Contact us today to learn more!