Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – Creating content with impact

With the current advances in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) and the roadmap ahead for its continued improvement and accessibility, now is the time to start considering how to use it to get your message out to the world.  Take the extra step when creating content and bring your potential clients along for the journey. 

What is the difference between VR and AR?

Virtual Reality creates a simulated environment where the user is immersed in the experience. The user can interact with this environment as it adapts to movements, stimulating senses, like touch, sound, and vision to bring the story to life.

When using Augmented Reality it is the real world which is being slightly tweaked.  AR simulates objects, layering them on top of reality allowing the user to manipulate and interact with them.   Both methods bring the user to a new level of interaction with your content. 

Using VR or AR as content

So how do you get on board the virtual train? It is extremely important to make sure that you create quality content, content that flows and tells the story you need to tell and then invite the client in.

Hire a company to create your video that has experience at creating VR and AR content and work with them to create the appropriate voice and style for your story. 

As not everyone has Virtual Reality goggles yet, you need to make the content accessible on other platforms such as Facebook 360 or YouTube 360, allowing the public to search through the content by moving the cursor to access the VR features. 

AR has already been successfully harnessed on mobile phone platforms without any additional equipment, in games such as Pokémon Go.  There is endless potential to add layers to your story, engage the client, bring products to life and drive your business to the next level. 

We all know that one of the most important qualities in content marketing is storytelling. What better way to tell a story than to have your audience step into it and participate?

Make it work for your business

As a business person, building up clients and their loyalty is paramount for your survival. With the help of AR, you can allow customers to collect points or discount codes, building consumer loyalty. Use VR to bring the customer around your store in a new shopping experience. Whatever way you decide to use it, now is the time to act and adopt the new technology as it develops, bringing a fresh and intriguing new method of connecting with your audience to life.  

As this is a fast developing technology, the current uses are just the tip of the iceberg. Make sure that you don’t miss out and get stuck in a flat one-dimensional content reality. 

For further tips or help with creating content that grabs attention, get in touch with ALHAUS and let our team help make your company a success.